TWF Garage Doors

TWF Silver (77mm Roller Garage Door)


Made to measure, 77mm x 19mm insulated, aluminium, powder coated, door curtain, fully enclosed 300mm top box & 90mm guide runners, aluminium powder coated. Hard wired safety edge system detects any obstruction in the way when the door is closing and auto reverses.

Wireless safety edge kit available, 5 year warranty covering all parts and installation, C.E marked. Wide range of colours.

TELECO. TVNRG Wireless safety edge kit

TVNRG _ Roller garage door controller with wired or wireless safety edge, internal limit setting buttons, safety edge exclusion zone for uneven floors, LED light and front cover control membrane. Programming with optional built-in bi-directional control for door status indication. Smart voice/App control with additional Smart hub.

SIMPLE. Wired safety edge kit

Simple offers a competitive radio controller for garage doors with the option to add a wired safety edge only. A basic controller with selectable impulse/deadman control and auto time close functions. Safety edge deactivation (exclusion zone) permits the safety edge to be 'deactivated' 50mm from the floor ensuing full closure each time on uneven floors.

A bi-directional radio control option displays the positional status of the garage door (open or closed). A red LED would indicate ‘door open’ status and a blue ‘closed’. Bi-directional transmitters would be required for this function.

The front panel has two built on mechanical buttons that permit motor limits and transmitters to be set and programmed without the need to enter the control panel.

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