TWF Garage Doors

TWF Gold (55mm Roller Garage Door)

Top Range Door

Made to measure. 55mm x 9mm insulated, aluminium, powder coated, door curtain. Fully enclosed 205mm top box & 65mm guide runners, aluminium powder coated. Wireless safety edge kit with alarm. Full upvc cladding for brick work. 5 year warranty covering all parts and installation. C.E marked . Wide range of colours. Internal manual override.

TELECO. TVNRG Wireless safety edge kit

TVNRG _ Roller garage door controller with wired or wireless safety edge, internal limit setting buttons, safety edge exclusion zone for uneven floors, LED light and front cover control membrane. Programming with optional built-in bi-directional control for door status indication. Smart voice/App control with additional Smart hub.

from £1,199.00

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